Batterie per apparecchi acustici

    • Batteries for your hearing aid are as important as the hearing aid itself. We offer high quality batteries for hearing aids in four sizes – all recommended by leading manufacturers.
    • Depending on your hearing aid style and usage, a battery will keep your hearing aid powered for three to ten days before it needs to be replaced. You may hear a few short beeps when you have to change the battery, and these may be repeated at moderate intervals until the battery runs out. When you have inserted a fresh battery the hearing aid will start up as soon as the battery drawer is closed. A jingle may play during start-up. Also, please be aware that your hearing aid might whistle when held in the hand, so put the hearing aid on immediately to avoid the sound. For longer lasting batteries, turn your hearing aid off when not in use by opening the battery drawer. If you are not sure which size of battery you should use for your hearing aids, you are more than welcome to ask us. We are just a click or a call away.

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