Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn™ changes the way hearing aids work. Because they deliver the entire, 360-degree sound environment to your ears, they support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.

How is Oticon Opn different?

Discover Oticon Opn in this video

Follow this revolutionary new hearing aid through daily situations, where it gives the wearer's brain natural conditions in which to respond to events. 

You can see more videos on Oticon's YouTube page

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The benefits of the open sound experience are easiest to appreciate when you try it for yourself – before you buy anything. So come to Audika and get a 30-day trial, and see how they work for you.

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New World vs Old World

Traditional hearing aids focus on a narrow ‘beam’ of sound, which is a big price to pay to reduce noise. Oticon Opn is powerful enough to scan the entire sound field, and then reduce unwanted noise before presenting it to our ears. This makes directional sound as we know it a thing of the past.

Old technology
Focuses on one speaker,
suppresses all others.
New Opn technology
Opens up the listening environment
so you hear multiple speakers.
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Helps your brain make sense of natural, 360° sound

Because we hear with our brains, Oticon Opn is designed to support the way our brains are used to working: in a 360-degree sound environment. Oticon Opn is the first hearing aid that is fast enough to follow the dynamics of the whole 360° soundscape. It scans the entire sound-field 100 times per second to differentiate between different sounds and reduce noise – even between individual words. Despite this, its advanced technology minimizes battery usage.

Having the complete, 360° sound field makes your world feel more open, and allows your brain to work normally as it interprets the sound information coming from your ears.

Opens up to multiple speakers

With Oticon Opn, the sound environment is constantly open. By preserving the natural, all-around sound, these hearing aids deliver a rich, meaningful soundscape that empowers the brain to choose what to focus on.

Instead of only being able to focus where you are looking – like on one conversation at a time – you can instantly change focus to whatever you consciously or unconsciously find important. What’s more, your brain can more easily locate and separate different people speaking in a noisy environment.

Reduces the effort of listening

By supporting the way the brain naturally makes sense of sound, Oticon Opn reduces the effort it takes to listen in all environments, whether noisy or not, using less of your mental energy.

As well as feeling less tired, easier hearing brings you cognitive benefits. Research shows that because Oticon Opn requires 20% less listening effort, it frees up 20% more capacity to remember, and also gives 30% better speech understanding.

Wirelessly connects to your devices

You can choose to control your Oticon Opn hearing aids with a phone app for iPhone and Android devices, where you can adjust the volume and programme settings. Through the Oticon ON App, you can also hear radios, TVs, laptops and many more devices directly in your ears without needing a streamer around your neck. Instead, they use wireless Bluetooth®, so you can make hassle-free connections.

Oticon Opn is also the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid. Imagine the lights coming on and the security alarm turning off when you put your hearing aids on in the morning. Because Oticon Opn hearing aids can connect to other Internet-enabled devices, you can make any connections you want, using the IFTTT capabilities in the app on your Apple or Android phone. And as the Internet of Things expands, the possibilities are growing all the time.

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